Harry Sachz » came a long way nigga
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aussie » no probs. btw, i used the nick 'sachz' over 10-15 yrs ago on the IRC net back in its infancy.
Harry » ha.. i've been there a few times... but i got sachz.info free... but thanks for the offer
aussie » please email me at sacha@shopov.org - i own sachz.com if you're interested
aussie » whats ur email address?
aussie » harry.. u alive?
aussie » anyone here?
aussie » anyone here?
Harry » wow.. that was fun setting up a wireless connection on linux.... given that i have not a fuckin clue what i'm doing...
Harry » and Fitty, yeah
ballzak » HA! Is that Ja-Rule??
Harry » Can't be offensive, if no one visits this site
Harry » well... about 3 episodes of futurama an episode of robot chicken, 2 beers and a plate of garlic & onion marinated pork loin roast with spanish rice...
ballzak » Just how long does it take you to TechFlex the cables???
TheStapler » Kickass negro
Harry » hey stapler.. i sent you a free subscription to Computer Gaming World.. you should get it soon
TheStapler » I never get to have sunday mass adventures...
ballzak » OMFG that poor dinosaur is cyring.
TheStapler » I like that one picture off of anti-rice that says 'A55ORGY'
Wang Chung » ha.. forgot a " in the code... what a tard i am
Harry » think i took care of that spam bullshit... if it happens again, i know what to do
TheStapler » Thank god for us albino negros.
Harry » good job guys
Harry » #1 on yahoo, askjeeves, lycos, dogpile, excite, search.com, and webcrawler for "sachz"
Harry » hey z & stapleman... check out my stats on my server... it's officially over 1TB of storage
Harry » i can only hit 400k down 30 up
Harry » no kidding... i think you're a little too far away for it though bro...
ballzak » I want FIOS
TheStapler » I'm on the shitter....a lot.
Harry » oh, and btw.. i'm on the shitter with my new wireless laptop...
Harry » thats funny, someone would waste their effort... one click and *poof*... gone
TheStapler » You dirty mother trucker.
Harry » i'm #1 in google for "sachz" again
TheStapler » Ze Breakfast Club. Working French title.
Harry » where was that from staple-man?
TheStapler » I hope Barry Manilow knows you raided his closet.
Harry » had to edit it a little.. i hope it's not too messed up..
Harry » wow do i need a beer... i update alot when i am sober...
TheStapler » You've insulted me AND my camel. Not to mention the sand niggers.
Harry » maybe i should update one of these days.. but for now.. it's miller time...
TheStapler » Either will do, as long as it doesn't get stuck like last time...
ballzak » Will you be using steel toes or wing tips?
Harry » i'm gonna.. how do you say... kick the shit out of you.
TheStapler » That last comic was a little...how do you say....blunt.
Harry » people never comment on my shit... that makes me
Harry » i mean goose man.... click my name for my new entry in the spam contest... (2 weeks time)
TheStapler » Goose be with you, Father.
ballzak » Ooohhhhh....yeah okay now I remember.
Harry » through the "contact me" form...
ballzak » Uuummm....what question? I don't remember asking one.
Harry » to answer your question ballzak... "Zero", or "Just You"....
Harry » actually, it's flash...
TheStapler » Woah! A real life human being!
BlueSkelton » Man this is the best blog i ve seen in a while
TheStapler » I wish I could make .gif's.
Harry » no one shot the woman driver yet...
Harry » Click my name here for my entry into the "Spam-Contest" - only one prize per household... limited to employees and affiliates of Sachz Inc.
ballzak » Sachzbury is great too...hey send me that font you use to type in the text.
TheStapler » Bruce so howney, we rove you wrong time.
Ballzak » HAHAHA!! Calvin and Sachz ROCK THE CLIT!
TheStapler » Thank God for their poor sense of direction.
Harry » show me.... potato salad!
TheStapler » It's in the sky, not your colon.
TheStapler » Jackal! Oh, Jackal! It's a Jackal! It wasn't right the first time, why the hell would it be the other 10 times!
Harry » show me..... flexible sigmoidoscope!!!!
Harry » ... added a neato stats link... to see if my computer is still on when away...
Ballzak » Sure does.
TheStapler » I'll agree with that.
Harry » .. changed your profiles around... i think it looks better now...
Ballzak » Holy shit where can I buy one of those red woman silencers?! I'll take 30!!
Harry » Begin the day with a friendly voice, A companion unobtrusive Plays the song that's so elusive And the magic music makes your morning mood.
TheStapler » Is this like RUSH month or something?
TheStapler » Dude, he totally passed up on that camel.
Harry » aww... nutbunnies!
TheStapler » Negro, please.
Harry » 3 posts in one day... i need to get the fuck away from the computer....
Ballzak » HOLY SHIT THE RAPTURE!! If I duck and cover under my school desk will I be saved? Stupid fucking religious fucktards actually believe that shit...
Harry » check out your nametags
TheStapler » HaHa, yes! I'm going to get me a wheel-chair with dual-mounted gattling cannons...so it'll make me do wheelies while going full-auto!
Harry » hello? china? I've got something you want...... yes.... all the tea.....
TheStapler » I didn't put Mexico up for sale.
Harry » yay... i passed 2,833 page refreshes!
TheStapler » ...praise allah?
Harry » it almost looks like a tonka truck i used to have...
Ballzak » I bought 58 CXT's and lone them out to anyone I see and tell them to drive like all hell. This way I can single handedly cripple the economy by driving up fuel and oil prices.
TheStapler » Yeah, no penalty for a non-valid copy, that is, until they bust down your door and steal your children.
TheStapler » Back in the day, those were called 18-wheelers.
TheStapler » Join my alliance, together, we can rule the 3rd world!
TheStapler » That's so badass, it should be legal.
Harry » only Brock....
TheStapler » ....I just watched Brock Samson kill a man with his asshole.
Mr. Sachz » you can now use the link www.sachz.info to reach Sachz Inc... just another way, we aim to serve you better!
Ballzak » WOW! 2,000 visitors, it's just the beginning of this fledgling empire known as Sachz Inc.
TheStapler » I coughed up what I beleive to be my spline. I'm going to sue Sachz Inc. for making me laugh so hard.
Mr. Sachz » i guess us three visited 780 times each...
TheStapler » Well, probably 3...several bagillion times.
Mr. Sachz » apparently we passed 2,000 vistors... and i didn't even notice....
TheStapler » No really, the nerve, it hurts like hell.