Entry: junk mail.... Friday, October 8

    I want to see who has the most junk mail in their inbox.... what I want you to do, is delete all the bullshit crap that you have received to this point... after you have deleted every spam message, leave it alone for a week... come back to this message, and let me know how much you have accumulated... if you can post a number higher than mine (with proof), which is incredibly hard to do, i'll send you a free dvd of Spiderman 2... if you already have it, then.. uh... i'll post a picture of me having sex with the town goat... i hope someone wins... i'm lookin forward to the goat sex...

-Harry J. Sachz
  Owner, Sachz Inc.


October 24, 2004   09:37 PM PDT
October 16, 2004   08:57 AM PDT
Okay I've been hitting that fucking "Report Spam" button on my AOL account too much, otherwise I'd have 3.7 billion spam messages. Then I would win this contest hands down.

As is though I only have about 58 spam messages. Damn you "Report Spam" button!
October 15, 2004   05:51 PM PDT

Above is the picture of the whopping amount of spam i received within a week....

note how it's sorted in ascending order from Friday the 8th until now... the only edits on the screenshot were those linking to personal information... all junk mail is neatly sorted in the yahoo "Bulk Mail" folder... good job by the way Yahoo...
October 13, 2004   06:53 PM PDT
shit.. it's only wednesday, and i bet win already....
October 9, 2004   03:39 PM PDT
It's a bet!
October 8, 2004   06:34 PM PDT
sure... poll them all together... in fact, i'll put my yahoo mail account against all 4 of yours :D
October 8, 2004   06:28 PM PDT
I have 4 email accounts do I total them up together? Or just go by the one most used?

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