Entry: GameNesBoy² Saturday, June 4

    got bored <-stop-> decided to put an nes inside a gameboy <-stop-> took some pictures <-stop-> scratched my nuts <-stop-> posted pics <-stop-> stop looking at me! <-stop-> stop <-stop->

    It's 230 in the morning, what the fuck do you people want from me?... no one fuckin reads this shit, so i'm gonna put xerox copies of my ass on here, just to show everyone my french flag tattoo... cuz if anyone deserves kissing my ass, it's the french...

picture of the old gameboy screen vs. the new gameboy screen

screen electronics

same shit, different picture

    I'll put more pictures up when i'm further along... not of the gameboy, but of a old grandma fuckin a pineapple... that'll get someone's attention... or ooh, i know... i'll jump on the bandwagon and just start watching reality shows, american idol, or csi: hot dog stand...

- Harry J. Sachz
  American Idol Runner Up

"Religion is a farse.. like chocolate cookies and Communism."
- Winston Churchill


June 4, 2005   09:22 PM PDT
Badass, you gonna do the altoid ipod next? =)

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