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Tuesday, May 24
ipizzod - drukmk and pississed

    Well.. i'm going to try to type this as well as i can.. i have a wicked ass sunburn, and i'm drinking heavily to attempt to ignore the pain... one of my side projects, aside the cell phone jammer, the altoids ipod, and the pocket nes; im trying to find all the songs that have been aired on ipod commercials... a simple task i thought, but apparently i'm inadequate in said department.... the ones that i have found:

    Walkie Talkie Man - Stereogram

    Caesars - Jerk It Out*

    Vertigo - U2

    Feature Cast - Channel Surfing

    The Vines - Ride*

    Ozomatli - Saturday Night

    Jet - Are You Going to Be My Girl*

    N.E.R.D - Rockstar

    Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama*

    Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.*

    Daft Punk - Technologic*

    If anybody has these songs, hook me up... (all the * i have... if you want them, let me know)... oh, and if anyone knows where there's a list of the songs that were played on the old nes gameboy "Who Are You?" ads, let me know... those are kick ass... thanks :)

ed.   Black Cherry - Strict Machine

        Yaz - Situation*

Also, i'm keeping an eye out for Apache Indian - Boom Shaka Laka

-Harry J. Sachz
  Owner, Sachz Inc.

Posted at 10:38 pm by Sachz


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