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Monday, April 4
I grew a second vagina

    (wonder what the blogdrive will change the title to)... YES, it's another day!!.. Another day to waste on my fat ass doing work on my computer... spent so much god damn time on here, i think i'm going nuckin futs... if it wasn't for my boring ass college classes and the occasional drinking binges (and the massive casino winnings), i'd become a raging alcoholic / superhero... anyhow, i wanted to post my pretty new computers that i recently fucked with... lemme know what you think :)....

As you could probably tell, i wrapped my power cables with a blue mesh and threw some 4" blue cold cathodes to light up the work of art...

    Probably hard to tell, but the black case is the terrabyte server, and the silver is the 'gaming' pc...

    Anyhow, i'm a happy man, so no complaints about how fuckin stupid people are today... i'll wait until after tomorrow evening... until then :D

-Harry J. Sachz
  Happy Fucker, Sachz Inc.

Posted at 10:45 pm by Sachz


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