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Saturday, February 12
Children are so Innocent

    As always, I enjoy hearing from our readers... when possible I like to put their responses on our site to show everyone... little 9 year old Katie has touched my heart in such a way, that I felt it necessary to put her comments up as today's post....

Click to see full sized view

    Here is the enclosed picture:

Click to see full sized view

    Isn't that the cutest thing you've every seen?.. see? that just touched my heart in ways that I can't explain... anyhow, I know that it's only Saturday night, but I'm going to start getting ready for church now... until I see you extra special people again!!

-Harry J. Sachz
  Pastor, Sachz Inc.


    When browsing though the Bible like I usually do on saturday nights (trying to avoid tempation like a good Christian man), I came across some hidden codes that struck me as interesting:

    Genesis 19:4 20th word is...
    Genesis 1:11 20th word is...
    Deuteronomy 23:13 17th word...
    Genesis 25:24 13th word...
    Deuteronomy 23:13 18th word...
    Genesis 21:12 25th word...
    Genesis 6:22 4th word...
    Genesis 4:7 6th word...

    Maybe it's nothing.. but I'll definately keep my eyes out for anything odd with my new found religion...

Posted at 4:52 pm by Sachz


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