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Thursday, February 3
Hong Kong Phooey!

    As with any fad, the same thing comes to mind.... "IS THIS FAD OVER YET?"... i know most of you are with me on this... i'll give you some examples:

The Macarena
Boom Boxes
Car window Garfields
"New" Swing Dancing, ie. Zoot Suit Riot
Gettin Jiggy
Pauly Shore
"Talk to the hand!"
"Yo Mama"
"The Bomb"

    Just to name a few... I got curious so i looked up the proper term for this:"Wapanese","Ricer", and also be sure to check out www.anti-rice.com...

- Wang "Cornelius" Chung
  Kung Fu Instructor, Sachz Inc.

Posted at 6:58 pm by Sachz


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